History of our Church - A Synopsis by a Charter Member

In 1952 after a survey of this area was made by the Reverend Raymond Gaylord and members of Perry Christian Church, it was decided to sponsor a new church.

In January, 1953, the first Sunday school and church services were held at Hale Road School.   Attendance was good.  We had lots of kids, a good number of them High School age, lots of activities.  The women baked, held dinners, served, sold crafts, the kids had car washes.  The men supported us and, with the help of the Board of Christian Ministries (Disciples of Christ) we bought a lot at the corner of Route 20 and Base Drive.  On August 5, 1957, a picnic was held there to celebrate.  A charter was signed.  Thus Hale Road Community Christian Church was born, bus, alas, it was not to be built on that site.  The Township Zoning Commission refused to give us a permit.

Before long we acquired the current property.  A house, barn, etc., were torn down, ground was broken in December, 1958, and the first of three units was begun in 1959, consisting of current sanctuary, kitchen, 2 classrooms, loft and rest rooms.  Later that year, after dedication, services were held in  our own "little brown church on Hale."

We very soon needed more room.  Back to the kitchen went the ladies, and the fund raisers began again.  The fellowship hall, four rooms and restrooms were added.

Our little church has had its ups and downs.  The high school kids graduated and left; the little kids grew up and left, attendance waned.  But for the perseverance of a steadfast and faithful few, we might have perished.  But God is good.  Prayers are answered.  Attendance is better.  We have kids again.  Enough for a Sunday school class.  On January 8, 2003, we celebrated our fiftieth anniversary with a large crowd attending.

It is my fervent hope and prayer that this sanctuary will become so crowded it will be necessary to begin work on the third unit, the originally planned larger sanctuary.

If you are looking for a church home where you will feel like "one of the family", come visit us; you might want to stay. 


Louise A. McKinney

Charter Member